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Volume 01, Q4

Arista Analyst Newsletter Vol 02 Q4
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CEO Update from Jayshree Ullal
Pioneers vs. Protectors in Cloud Networking InnovationThe innovation of hundreds of startup companies created the Internet, and the Internet has changed the world. Innovation continues to have a dramatic impact on networking in recent years. These new developments have changed the way applications, workloads and networks interact. Having been involved in this industry for more than three decades, I have witnessed and been part of these transformations from the 1980s to the 2015 era. Read more.

Guest Blog: Arista is Steadfast in Pioneering Innovation – Despite Repetitive Accusations and Blogs – Charlie Giancarlo, Arista BOD"At Arista we invented a new operating system and basically re-invented the switching market to become more software and merchant-silicon driven. We wouldn't want to copy Cisco's OS — our customers want a new architecture for how switches and computer networks are orchestrated and Cisco's 30 year old code and architectures are of no interest to us or our customers." Read more. 

Guest Blog: Litigation Does Not Grow Markets – Dan Scheinman, Arista BOD
I am on the Board of Arista Networks, which, as you all know, was sued by Cisco on Friday with claims that include something called the command line interface and additional patents. The command line interface has been the industry standard method of configuring switches for decades and is widely used. There is a separate suit about several patents, and a long blog post attempting to justify the action. You are all going to learn more details about the technology involved here over the next few months. Read more.

Happy Tenth Anniversary Arista Networks!Every year at Arista has been filled with milestones and enriching memories. I want to acknowledge and thank each and every Arista well-wisher for contributing to this incredible experience. So let’s take a walk together down memory lane and look back on our journey from start-up to a now public company. Read more.
Arista Introduces EOS+:
Platform for Software Driven Cloud Networking
Press Release
Robust Partner Ecosystem Integration Fuels Business Agility
Arista Networks announced today the addition of EOS+, a software platform for network programmability and automation as an evolution of Arista EOS (Extensible Operating System). EOS+ provides an advanced level of programmability, allowing customers to take advantage of pre-built and custom EOS applications as well as integration with a wide range of technology partner solutions from A10 Networks, Ansible, Aruba, Cloudera, Nuage, Palo Alto Networks, Puppet Labs, Pure Storage, Red Hat, Splunk, VMTurbo, VMware and Zscaler.

“As part of our work to connect billions of people around the world, we are building a network infrastructure that is more flexible, more scalable, and more efficient than almost anything else out there,” said Najam Ahmad, Vice President of Infrastructure at Facebook. “Arista EOS has proven to be a valuable component of our current designs, providing us with a series of useful features, including better control-plane and data-path programmability, the ability to write traffic steering and monitoring applications that integrate with Sysdb and the entire EOS stack running on our Arista devices, and an SDK framework is fairly easy to develop and test our code in. All this allows us to have more visibility in and greater control over our network — and that helps us continue to move fast as we scale.”

“The EOS SDK is a powerful platform for integration and scale, designed to strip cost and complexity out of network hardware. Working together with Arista EOS, Windows Server and System Center will help customers implement robust software defined networking from the switch to the operating system to improve datacenter operations and enable cloud flexibility,” said Albert Greenberg, Distinguished Engineer, Microsoft Azure, at Microsoft.
Read more.
EOS+ Solution Overview
Solution Brief: EOS+ Solution Overview
In the past, the networking, storage, compute, virtualization and applications worlds were managed as silos. A more integrated approach results in organizational efficiencies and a much lower TCO for enterprises. The Arista EOS+ platform allows the network to be easily integrated with compute, storage and applications, leveraging the programmatic foundations of EOS®. Workload-based provisioning and monitoring can now be integrated with the network ensuring that provisioning of the network elements keeps up with the frenetic pace of change in today’s
data center.  Read more.
Key EOS+ Platform Offerings
EOS Applications EOS Applications simplify implementing network automation and programmability. Pre-built integration with technology partners and DevOps Systems address a wide range of operational needs such as provisioning and monitoring. These pre-built applications provide complete solutions with 24x7 support from Arista’s Technical Assistance Center (TAC) engineers. 
Learn more.
EOS Consulting Services In the past true “cloudification” was reserved for a select few companies that had the dedicated development staff to build their own customized highly integrated operational environments. Arista has been focused on changing that by allowing not only the cloud scale companies to build bigger, faster and more integrated data center stacks but Arista can also help your organization take advantage of these new operational paradigms providing turn key packages, training and software consulting services. Learn more.
EOS+ Ecosystem
EOS+ Ecosystem
Featuring A10 Networks, Ansible, Aruba Networks, Cloudera, Nuage Networks, Palo Alto Networks, Puppet Labs, Pure Storage, Red Hat, Splunk, VMTurbo, VMware and Zscaler.
Learn more.
Arista Expands Leaf Switch Product Portfolio
Press Release
VXLAN Enhancements for Cloud Networking
Arista Networks today announced an expansion of its leaf switch portfolio that includes the highest density leaf switches with integrated optics and high performance, VXLAN support. Enhancements to Arista EOS® (Extensible Operating System) include VXLAN for simplified deployments, by eliminating the need for multicast support in the underlay network and increased control plane scale to support the largest cloud networks. These additions in Arista’s portfolio continue Arista’s tradition of disruption within the cloud networking industry. Read more.
A10 Technical Partner Solution Brief
White Paper: High Performance, Low Latency Networking
The state of computing has dramatically changed over the past decade, with the genesis of today’s high performance data centers being fueled by the move to the Internet in the early 1990s, and today, the evolution of Cloud Computing. Furthermore, increased computing sophistication and virtualization technologies demanded today have changed the requirements in the modern data center. The need to support new technologies is compounded with the
increased computational requirements and scalability required as protocols and standards evolve. Read more.
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